Isle of Lewis a Peaceful Paradise

Let’s be honest, our day to day life has become more and more hectic and stressful. Getting up early, wolfing down some breakfast, getting stuck in traffic or in an overly full bus, train or tram before you are even at your workplace and after work the same scenario, maybe running to the supermarket or picking up the kids. In the evening most of us are really flat out.
All around you are surrounded by noises as well, your alarm clock, the mobile, cars, bikes, music in the shops, people talking, advertisements on the telly.

Your only wish is to have a break from it all, get some peace and quiet.

Give me a break!

And then you arrive here at Westend and might feel as if someone has sent you straight to paradise. Dun Broch, Carloway - ©S. Weiten

You will hardly hear any traffic, if at all. The sounds you might hear are the occasional mooh or the bleating of the sheep, the gentle clucking of our hens. A look out of the window and you will see the wide countryside, soft rolling hills and a few freshwater lochs. In the distance you can see the hills of Uig.

Take a short trip and visit some ancient monuments, feel the heartbeat of the island, the gentle breeze of the wind through your hair. Lift your face to the sun, visit a beach and hear the sound of the waves gently rolling ashore. Open your arms wide and take a deep breath of the fresh, pure air.

Surrounded by peace and quiet

Breath in and recover, breathe out and let go of all the stress. Take as much of the rejuvenating, healing power of this island as you need. We’ve got plenty and are happy to share.

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