Slow Cycling in the Hebrides

For a cycling holiday in the Hebrides explore the stunning Hebridean landscape of the Isle of Lewis and be refreshed and restored by the sweet Hebridean moorland air. The centrally situated Westend B&B has curated an array of amazing day tours to monuments, beaches and unique cultural experiences.

The abundant wildlife of the Hebrides can be studied at close quarters off the beaten track, with time to capture that perfect elusive image. The rolling waves and deserted white shell beaches, the perfect backdrop for a picture of a loved one.

Bike hire can be organised with a local provider and there is an option for between 2 and 10 day trips, from Westend  to enjoy the Hebridean landscape. There is a Keystore shop nearby and kitchen facilities are provided. The Pizza van Crust is situated just three miles away. The bus will take you to the enigmatic Callanish Stones in ten minutes.




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