Walks from Westend

Here in the Hebrides we look forward to welcoming visitors  to the Isle of Lewis.

There are some amazing graded walks from Westend:

Walk the moorland and enjoy spectacular views over lochs, expansive moorland and distant hills. walks can vary from a brisk stroll on tarmac, a leisurely moorland walk with the chance of seeing eagles and buzzards, to the walk on the Pentland Road where the summer grazing pure air and roadside lochs with trout.

Walk 1   Mast Road walk to see the expanse of moorland and a 360 degree view of Lewis by walking the concrete path to Eitsheal where the mast is.

A vantage point of many island inhabitants through the ages

Follow the Lewis coastline from the sheltered Minch to the wild Atlantic rollers, as far as Carloway and Great Bernera Watch the myriad of  lochs sparkle in the distance.

Walk 2 To the Achmore stone circle and view Cailleach na Mointeach at the Neolithic site with the recumbent stones a Kilometres walk

Walk 3 Pentland on tarmac and the sweet moorland air on a summers breeze, to revive you

Walk 4 Is the Hebridean Way path to Laxay on the moorland

Walk 5 Through the village to the quarry down a short stretch of road to Loch an Acha. and listen to the the waves lapping on this fresh water loch and watch the trout rise.


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