Lockdown in Splendour

On a glorious spring morning in April during the national lock down, there are many things to be grateful for. The big big Hebridean sky echoes to the sound of golden eagles and buzzards and the faint baa of wobbly lambs exploring the green fields below. They will quickly become fields with blue grass, as lush grass is gorm/blue in Gaelic.

During this time of world crisis, the ports of the Hebrides have been closed until 30th June, to all but essential travellers. As islanders we are grateful to the Health care staff, preparing for the demand on hospital facilities as seen in the mainland cities. Our islands will not be immune and we must accept the necessary restrictions on visitors. However our Hebridean welcome will be available to you when very soon. The Hebridean Way Cycle and walking routes will be there with glorious restorative moorland air, extensive deserted shell white sands and necessary facilities on the route.

We look forward to welcoming you at Westend very soon



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